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'''Pierre van Paassen''' (February 7, 1895 – January 8, 1968)''Adirondack Daily Enterprise'', (7 February 1957 Page Six). Retrieved from, 10 January 2009. was a Dutch–Canadian-American journalist, writer, and Unitarianism|Unitarian minister. He was born in Gorinchem, Netherlands, then emigrated with his parents to Canada in 1914. After entering a seminary, he served as a missionary to Ruthenian immigrants in the Alberta hinterland, where he helped with medical work. In 1917 he left theological school to serve with the Canadian army in France in World War I as an infantryman and sapper. In 1921 he became a journalist with the ''Globe and Mail|Toronto Globe'', and a year later moved to the U.S. and began writing a syndicated column for the ''Atlanta Journal Constitution''. From 1924 to 1931, Van Paassen worked as a foreign correspondent and columnist for the New York...
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